Compost for a Healthy and Productive Garden

Did you know that the key to having a beautiful and healthy garden is available to you free of charge? Residents of Upper Dublin: you would be wise to take advantage of the “free” compost that is available to you via your tax dollars. When your leaves get picked up in the fall, they are brought to the Upper Dublin Composting Facility and turned into what many of you might know as “mulch” or “leaf mulch.”

While this compost can be used for mulch, mixing some into your soil will make your plants very happy. Compost adds soil biology and organic matter, improves tilth, and helps the soil to distribute and hold water in a more even manner. Even the most poor soils are greatly improved with the addition of compost.

After you’ve amended your soil with compost, plant and give your new planting a nice thorough watering. You can either immediately mulch, or if you wait to mulch, make sure you hand weed or hoe around your plants before adding several inches of compost on top of the soil to make sure you really block those weeds from coming back.

Mulching will reduce or eliminate the need for you to water your plants. (Just reach your hand in to check the soil periodically. Also, make sure you do water at the time of planting.)

We add as much compost as we are physically able on our farm, and we notice a dramatic difference in the quality of the soil.

For more information on getting free compost, click here.)

We have a variety of plants (including certified organic plants) available to you at our market, and we welcome any questions you might have. We are farmers and love to talk about growing plants!

Heidi Ochsenreither