And we're back!


Winter is gone and spring has arrived in beautiful fashion. We, like all of our fellow farmers in the region, have felt blessed with the overall nice weather we’ve had the last month or so. 2018 was a record-breaking summer for our region in terms of rainfall, and it didn’t let up through the fall or winter. We were thinking in disbelief that the ground would never dry out, but thankfully the second half of March gave us a break and hope for our next farming season. (Sometimes it feels like the nice weather is just stringing us along, but we are fools for farming so we’ll keep taking the bait.)

—> Last year was a devastating year for PA farmers, which is why every dollar you spent last year, and every dollar you spend this year, on local produce is so critical to keep these farms going.


Having an occupation that is completely intertwined with the weather and the seasons is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that we can feel so in touch with the rhythms of nature, and that each day is new and different. The curse is that we have a rather unbalanced and unpredictable yearly schedule between the constantly changing seasons and the constantly changing weather. We spend long days at our computers all winter long, and spring always feels a little awkward as we readjust and use our bodies again, remembering that we are actually “farmers.” (I use the term loosely as we are still beginners with a lot to learn.) Our winter work involves planning, researching, learning, trouble-shooting, and number-crunching in Excel, and now is the time when we put all of that mental work into physical action.


A lot of time was spent planning and preparing for the market as well as the farm. We did a lot of research to find more products that we would feel proud to put on our shelves, and we’re really excited to share them with you. Dan and I love running the market because we get so inspired by the creative, talented, intelligent, hardworking, and honorable people that we do business with. Our store is like a curated collection - it’s small, but we feel like we’ve done all of the work to choose the best products for our customers. While I want to share everything I love about all of our vendors right now, but I will have to break it down and introduce you to our producers in future blog posts. For now we hope you enjoy coming back to the store and exploring and trying the items we’ve stocked. The store is ever-evolving, so we always welcome your ideas and feedback in terms of what you would like to see at the market. Here’s to a great year!

Heidi Ochsenreither