2018: Year in Review

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to reflect on our first year running the Dresher Farm Market. It’s been a productive year full of hard work, long days, and uncertainty. We are so incredibly grateful to all of our customers, many of which have been shopping at the market for many years, if not decades, before we even knew that we wanted to pursue careers in agriculture. We hope that you enjoyed seeing the market’s progression and transformation over the past year - we are looking forward to taking the market to another level in 2019, so stay tuned because there are so many good things in store. We will be busy planning in the next few months, and April will be here before we know it!

Here are some shots of the market before we started our renovations:

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“We” (mostly Dan, as I was busy at our farm) put in a lot of work: painting the inside and outside, installing a new walk-in cooler, clearing trash, sourcing and moving new refrigerators, freezers, displays and furniture, installing ventilation fans, and doing everything else necessary to bring us up to code to open market. We owe a big thanks to Josh as well as our friend Patrick, as they also put in many hours of work getting the place up and running.

I will always smile when I look at this photo: “Unforeseen Delays.” We had so many discussions on the farm about when the market would open and how to explain to the waiting public (who didn’t know these mysterious new owners or have any idea of all the hoops we were jumping through) what was going on. Dan called me several times as Josh and I were working on the farm, asking for suggestions of phrases that would explain our predicament on the sign. As we brainstormed all kinds of corny jokes and terrible puns, Josh spoke of our “unforeseen delays” … and once those words were uttered, we knew we had our sign and it was history in the making.

Our first week or two, we had to operate as a roadside stand and keep everything outside of the store because we were still waiting on some permits. But as the season went on, the inside filled up, and we think it turned out really nice up until the time we closed on Thanksgiving Day. Next year we hope to add even more selection, including things like ice cream that were too difficult to source by time we opened in mid-July. We plan to host more workshops and community events, and we will even be growing vegetables on the property. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

The Dresher Farm Market has always been a family affair, and it is no different now that we have taken it over. We have to thank Dan’s parents, Ron and Denise, for their help this year. If you shopped with us in the summer, you may have seen Ron helping out on the register. Denise helped us with signs in the beginning of the season as well as running our first event, Pumpkin Painting. And, while we already mentioned Josh (who many of you may know is my brother), we really have to give him a huge thank you for manning the market all season long while Heidi held down the farm and Dan ran all over creation sourcing our products and keeping records straight (as well as helping on the farm.) We are proud to be a family business and thankful for all of the love and support that our families have offered as we do our best to honor the tradition of local agriculture, small business, and community.

Our farm is a big part of the market, and I made a Year in Review blog post on our farm’s website as well. If you would like to see what else we were busy doing this past year, and where some of your vegetables and flowers came from, I encourage you to check it out at www.aldebaranfarm.com.

Thank you, and have a happy New Year! See you in 2019 :)

Dan Risser